What We Believe

At Frankie Scott USA Clothing Company, Liberty and Fashion is our passion.

We believe that Patriotic Clothing can and should be more than just bald eagles on black T Shirts and the American Flag only worn on July 4th. As Americans, we deserve clothing that looks good, feels good, and also allows us to express ourselves everyday. At Frankie Scott we meld fashion with a strong belief in the principles of Liberty. While we also believe that if you want decorate clothing with the American flag, it needs to go on a garment made in the USA. So we strive to use American made garments as much as possible.

Frankie Scott designs clothing for the libertarian (small L) in all of us. Simply put, we are a strong supporter of the U.S. Constitution, free markets as well as free thought. We hope you find our clothing comfortable, good looking and thought provoking.

So where do you stand America?